Through the Colors of a Butterfly by Martinique Mims and Sequoia Bostick (Illustrator)

Through the Colors of a ButterflyThrough the Colors of a Butterfly by Martinique Mims
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Through the Colors of a Butterfly tells a beautiful story of a little girl named Unique. Through Unique, we learn of the magic we hold inside ourselves and how we should share those magical gifts with the world. Unique, as well as readers, see how colorful we all are.

Unique is different, born with a disability, and while that is a heavy focus, the focus isn’t on the limitations Unique faces. We see so little representation of Black girls (or Black people) with disabilities. While the feature was subtle, it was powerful. Unique’s disability wasn’t something to hide, but it wasn’t pointed out in any obvious way. It was just something that made her who she is.

I also enjoyed the subtle representation in other aspects of the book, such as a Unique living in a single parent household and her sister having her hair in a protective style before bed. These little things make all the difference in a child’s life to see their own stories reflected or see new stories.

I highly recommend this book to read to children of all abilities and races, so they, too, can learn what colors they bring to the world.

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