Indie Book Tour Spotlight: Granddad, You Can Do That!!!

Granddad, You Can Do That!!! is an adorable story about a boy, Kyle who spends the summer with his Granddad.

Granddad You Can Do That!!! by Various Array
Courtesy of Imagine Me Creative Tours


“Grandad You Can Do That!!!”  is a children’s book about a young boy named Kyle who tells a story to his class about visiting his granddad during summer break.  He went to visit his granddad. His granddad could do all types of things.  Kyle was fascinated by the things that his grandad could do.  Throughout the story The Granddad does various of tasks and Kyle watches.

Short Review

I was very pleased with the representation of Black skin tones represented in the story. I also loved the magical found in the mundane when it’s with someone you love. This story shows the joy of learning from our elders and

Author Bio

Various Array is an Alabama author that enjoys creating stories that are fun and entertaining. With a background in rural country life and city, Various Array brought a variety of angles in her books.  Various Array enjoys her stories having  pleasant and intriguing events in them.  Various Array brings much experience of writing and now has several books published. 

Thanks so much to Imagine Me Creative Tours!

You can get the book here.

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