Take your reading to the next level!

What kind of reader are you?

Take the quiz and find out!

Throw it back to middle school and take this reading quiz! I promise it will be the easiest one you have ever taken. At the end, find out what kind of reader you are and how you can use your super duper reading powers to make a difference!

In a reading slump? At the end, you’ll receive even more book recommendations to add to your ever-growing TBR!

Why Now?

There is a shift happening in the world of readers. Readers want to do more than talk about books. Radical Readers know that reading is political. The stories we read have power to band us together and make collective change in the world. We need readers to change the world, now more than ever!

About Liberation is Lit

Are you a deep thinker that examines social injustices, only to be filled with more angst than action? You are in good company! Much more than a book club, Liberation is LIT gives recommendations on well-regarded books that more deeply explore important themes, and then facilitates both meaningful discussion as well as actions that club members do as a community of well-versed change-makers. Founder Tayler Simon is an avid reader with an activist heart who has been blogging about books and social justice issues for years. Frustrated by the fact that words are just words if they don’t ignite action, she made it her mission to teach the skills she acquired as a successful social worker. Liberation is LIT dispels the notion that activism is only marches and loud protests. Experience the synergy that erupts when deep-thinking, socially-conscious bookworms become movers and shakers as well! Come for the books, stay for the movement!