A Book about a “Crazy” Black Woman

At first glance in Luster by Raven Leilani, Edie is a crazy Black woman, one of those where Black men and white women would easily call a “crazy bitch”. She is fueled by sex and wrapped up entirely in her own pain. Her train of thought was erratic and non sequitur, and darkly hilarious (hella dark). ThroughoutContinue reading “A Book about a “Crazy” Black Woman”

Anticipated Books for February 2022

Happy Black History Month! Now is the time to start reading books by Black authors. Just kidding! You should be doing that year-round.  This is the time of year where you will see Black faces and initiatives all over corporations. I won’t go into my feelings about that here, but I will take any chanceContinue reading “Anticipated Books for February 2022”

Self-Care Books for Activists

As activists, we work really hard. There is so much wrong with the world, and it is easy for us to get overwhelmed trying to do everything. Rest is revolutionary in a white supremacist, capitalist society. Pouring into ourselves for our survival is vital. Here are some of books we can read to help takeContinue reading “Self-Care Books for Activists”

Book Review: The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett

As first posted on feministbookclub.com The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett is a novel that weaves together the story of twins, as well as those who’s lives have been touch by them. The Vignes sisters run away from their small black town, of which the people look all the same—light-skinned black people. One twin returns toContinue reading “Book Review: The Vanishing Half by Britt Bennett”

Expanding Our New Year’s Resolutions

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Welcome to the New year, where we will pick apart all the things we don’t like about ourselves and find New Year’s resolutions to change them!  Alexa, add “chill out” to my to-do list One of my tragic flaws is my need for productivity. Even my leisure time becomes goalContinue reading “Expanding Our New Year’s Resolutions”

Anticipated Books for January 2022

The first new books of the new year are here! I just love how they keep coming out with new Zora Neale Hurston writings. Her legacy continues. And some new poetry and fiction out too! And of course, new year, new growth with some enticing personal growth books I’m excited to check out. Here areContinue reading “Anticipated Books for January 2022”

Who Was bell hooks?

As first posted on feministbookclub.com As I was coming from a walk with a white colleague, I was checking my smart watch to turn off my walking workout. I was distracted by a news alert that popped up.  bell hooks, famed feminist writer, dies at age 69 “Oh no, bell hooks died.” “Who?” “bell hooks,Continue reading “Who Was bell hooks?”

Anticipated 2022 Reads

New books are coming! Part of my reading goals for 2022 is to catch up on some books I have been meaning to read forever. Getting into the backlist and revisiting some of my favorite authors’ work I have been neglecting. But after seeing some of these new titles. I might need to pick someContinue reading “Anticipated 2022 Reads”

Six of the Best Essay Collections from 2021

I read some fire essay collections this year. In these books, I was challenged and experienced growth in ways that I wasn’t expecting. I fangirled over some of my favorite writers and found some new treasures.  Here are 6 of the best essay collections from 2021 (you can see the rest of my favorite booksContinue reading “Six of the Best Essay Collections from 2021”

Liberation is Lit’s Favorite Books of 2021

I was super disappointed by the winners of the GoodReads Awards. There were so little winners that featured authors of color. I was surprised because there were so many good books getting a lot of mainstream attention by authors of color this year. So I decided to make my own favorites list! But first, howContinue reading “Liberation is Lit’s Favorite Books of 2021”