A Letter to YA Books from an Adult Reader

As first posted on Feminist Book Club’s blog Dear YA books, Adults should read YA books. I used to think I graduated from needing you in my life, thinking I was too cool. I was trying to be more adult than I really was. High school problems? I scoffed at them, thinking they would be trivialContinue reading “A Letter to YA Books from an Adult Reader”

Uncomfy Books: Reading That Makes You Uncomfortable

As first posted on Feminist Book Club I like reading books that make me feel uncomfortable.  I know in high school, I did my share of reading to escape reality, to immerse myself in worlds other than my own and live other people’s lives. Many people like to read to escape the world. I saw soContinue reading “Uncomfy Books: Reading That Makes You Uncomfortable”

How Internalized Racism Shrank My Reading World

As first published on Feminist Book Club Growing up, my mom was such a strong reading influence in my life. She was such an avid reader, even though she mostly listened to audiobooks, and at the time, I didn’t think those were real books because I was such a book snob. As an adult, most ofContinue reading “How Internalized Racism Shrank My Reading World”

You’re Not a Feminist

As first posted on Feminist Book Club It is amazing how many women I have seen that do not identify as a feminist. You know the ones. “I’m not a feminist because I don’t hate men” or “I’m not a feminist because I wear a bra and shave my legs”. So many people, of allContinue reading “You’re Not a Feminist”

Shadow Work: How to Incorporate as a Feminist

As first posted on feministbookclub.com If you have seen those trendy Tik Toks about spirituality, you have probably seen someone talk about shadow work. I remember the first time I’d heard someone talk about shadow work. I thought, “That sounds weird, no thank you.” Shadow work is now an integral part of my self-care, and it has definitelyContinue reading “Shadow Work: How to Incorporate as a Feminist”

Mindfulness Won’t Cure Racism

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Mindfulness has been the catch-all solution to end many personal problems. It has become a trend that many embrace as effective or roll their eyes. I swear if I have to sit through one more Zoom meeting where we have to meditate with a bunch of strangers through a screen…. TheContinue reading “Mindfulness Won’t Cure Racism”