Activism 101: Financial Equity

Some of our friends at wanted to share some information about financial equity! Sharing information about the women & racial wealth gap is something we’re passionate about at We’ve been providing visitors with carefully researched, timely financial information since 2013. Financial advice for the Black community and women can include developing a budget, setting financial goals, establishing anContinue reading “Activism 101: Financial Equity”

Poems by olu_andria

POEM 1 Little stars;Find me in the dark,Admits the hedgerow.While I await the priceless glow,That comes from your embrace some nights. POEM 2 All I ever want is to be unconfined;From the hurdles of life.Living life with ampleness,And basking in delight to see the next sunlight,All I ever want is to be free. POEM 3Continue reading “Poems by olu_andria”

The Book Station: WITCHFUL THINKING by Celestine Martin

INTRODUCTION The Book Station is your one-stop for everything bookish, focused mainly on BIPOC authors and their stories. It’s October, my favorite time of the year, and the best way to start is to read a delightful witchy romance. And 𝗪𝗜𝗧𝗖𝗛𝗙𝗨𝗟 𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗡𝗞𝗜𝗡𝗚 was the one.  SUMMARY Love is the trickiest spell of all. Lucinda CarawayContinue reading “The Book Station: WITCHFUL THINKING by Celestine Martin”

Social Me-dia

by Claire Bale Your guide to making social media work for you – by sharing my personal perspective on how I use it in my work as an anti-racist activist.  I had a healthy debate about social media the other day. My conversation partner – someone who has a distaste for grinning selfies and showContinue reading “Social Me-dia”

Poetry: The story behind my scars

by olu_andria In the past,For days and nights.My bed was like a soaked sweater.I had no one to turn to;My whole world was shattered,Because I was once battered .And it never mattered. In the past,for days and nights.My bed was my only companion ,The pains I felt were much.Even Acetaminophen could not help.All I couldContinue reading “Poetry: The story behind my scars”

A Homeowner’s Guide to Living Green

Written by Kimberly Hayes As people become aware of environmental issues like climate change, many are seeking to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in following suit but don’t know where you can begin, you can actually start at home. Incorporating sustainability into your house can help you reduce your carbon footprint, minimizeContinue reading “A Homeowner’s Guide to Living Green”

4 Ways Your Local Library Can Accelerate Small Business Growth

by Kimberly Hayes According to the United States Census Bureau, a majority of businesses in the United States have fewer than five employees. Small businesses are often structured as sole proprietors or partnerships and have smaller capital compared to medium-sized companies or corporations. It takes time to grow a small business, but you can accelerateContinue reading “4 Ways Your Local Library Can Accelerate Small Business Growth”

Guest Post: How to Make a Community Impact With Your New Small Business

Written by Kimberly Hayes Image via Pexels There are perks to running a large corporation. But one advantage local small businesses have over the corporate giants is the ability to reflect a community’s character and connect with residents on a business and personal level.  Running a small business also means you’re making a positive impactContinue reading “Guest Post: How to Make a Community Impact With Your New Small Business”

Voices from the Community: Contribute to Liberation is Lit!

I have loved maintaining this blog on books and social justice, but my voice and opinions don’t represent every single community I am a part of. Here at Liberation is Lit, I am all about uplifting the voices and stories of the marginalized. I center the experiences of the oppressed to drive social change. ThatContinue reading “Voices from the Community: Contribute to Liberation is Lit!”