Poems by olu_andria

POEM 1 Little stars;Find me in the dark,Admits the hedgerow.While I await the priceless glow,That comes from your embrace some nights. POEM 2 All I ever want is to be unconfined;From the hurdles of life.Living life with ampleness,And basking in delight to see the next sunlight,All I ever want is to be free. POEM 3Continue reading “Poems by olu_andria”

Poetry: The story behind my scars

by olu_andria In the past,For days and nights.My bed was like a soaked sweater.I had no one to turn to;My whole world was shattered,Because I was once battered .And it never mattered. In the past,for days and nights.My bed was my only companion ,The pains I felt were much.Even Acetaminophen could not help.All I couldContinue reading “Poetry: The story behind my scars”