Not a book club, but a READERS UNION!

Looking to take your #Bookstagram and #BookTok community face-to-face? Join our Readers Union!

When I was in middle school, I was part of a group for book nerds like me called the Readers Union (I think I even have my shirt somewhere).

We would get together and talk about the different books we read and suggested new books to each other. We met in the library once a month, and sometimes we would do cool field trips. It was a great way for me to meet friends who loved to read like me.

Building the community I have on #Bookstagram and #BookTok has been great, but I want more face-to-face type of fellowship. Book clubs are fun, but getting together to just gush about the latest books (multiple, if you’re a poly reader like me) we read.

Here is how the Readers Union works:

  • Register for the Zoom meeting here. We meet once a month on the second Tuesday at 7pm ET.
  • Be prepared to talk about any and all things bookish, whether that’s what you’re reading, hot takes on books on your TBR, or the latest #BookTok drama. We’ll more than likely talk about other things too!
  • Get comfy with your fav PJs (this is a bonnet safe zone for my curly girlies) and warm and/or adult beverage, and let’s have fun! Children are welcome to make an appearance, although if we venture into romance, you might want to protect their ears!

Sounds like your idea of a good time? Register below!



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