Racial Justice at Work: My Friend, the Performative Ally 

As first posted on The Inclusion Solution My team sat in the living room of our house rental for our retreat, swapping horror stories of the ways in which we had been harmed by the white women in our field.   To varying degrees, we had personal relationships with these white women — some of themContinue reading “Racial Justice at Work: My Friend, the Performative Ally “

Activism 101: Financial Equity

Some of our friends at Annuity.org wanted to share some information about financial equity! Sharing information about the women & racial wealth gap is something we’re passionate about at Annuity.org. We’ve been providing visitors with carefully researched, timely financial information since 2013. Financial advice for the Black community and women can include developing a budget, setting financial goals, establishing anContinue reading “Activism 101: Financial Equity”

The Worms that Saved the World: Book Review

One thing about me, I will read any book for any age! And I’m the auntie that will give all the kids in her life books to read 🤓 So when the author of this book reached out to me and gave me a social justice book for children, I knew I would have aContinue reading “The Worms that Saved the World: Book Review”

Activism 101: Bookish Organizations to Give Back to

As first posted on feministbookclub.com As a bookish organization we believe in taking action throughout the year with our money because – as the saying goes – money talks. Did you know that the Feminist Book Club gives back 5% of profits from their boxes to feminist nonprofits and organizations? If you looking to setContinue reading “Activism 101: Bookish Organizations to Give Back to”

Stalking Isn’t Romantic

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Why do so many of the love stories we love have stalking attached to them? I think our culture is obsessed with obsession.  January was National Stalking Awareness Month, but its never too late to talk about how stalking tropes sneak its way into so many of our love stories.Continue reading “Stalking Isn’t Romantic”

Best Nonfiction of 2022

Here is part two of my own favorites of 2022 list: the nonfiction picks! See my previous post for the break down of how diversely I read and what metrics I use. *drum roll* Best Nonfiction Books of 2022 I read some really good books this year! Here are 10 of my favorite nonfiction reads,Continue reading “Best Nonfiction of 2022”

Social Me-dia

by Claire Bale Your guide to making social media work for you – by sharing my personal perspective on how I use it in my work as an anti-racist activist.  I had a healthy debate about social media the other day. My conversation partner – someone who has a distaste for grinning selfies and showContinue reading “Social Me-dia”

Who Are We Pushing Out?

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Earlier this summer, I decided to check out an adult book fair in my town. I was ecstatic for a chance to walk down memory lane and go to a good old-fashioned book fair. We can go on a whole tangent as to why Scholastic book fairs were a spectacle for incomeContinue reading “Who Are We Pushing Out?”

Book Review: Read Dangerously

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Books and stories are so important to me. I believe they really do have the power to change the world because they have the power to change us as readers. So when I came across the book Read Dangerously: The Subversive Power of Literature in Troubled Times by Azar Nafisi, I wasContinue reading “Book Review: Read Dangerously”

A Homeowner’s Guide to Living Green

Written by Kimberly Hayes As people become aware of environmental issues like climate change, many are seeking to embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you’re interested in following suit but don’t know where you can begin, you can actually start at home. Incorporating sustainability into your house can help you reduce your carbon footprint, minimizeContinue reading “A Homeowner’s Guide to Living Green”