Women, Power, & Rape Culture (and Intersectionality)

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Women, Power, & Rape Culture: The Politics and Policy of Underrepresentation is a very academic read, but it’s perfect for the work I do in the violence prevention realm. The authors put in a lot of research, from their own methodologies and outside sources. This book examines rape culture through theContinue reading “Women, Power, & Rape Culture (and Intersectionality)”

Mindfulness Won’t Cure Racism

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Mindfulness has been the catch-all solution to end many personal problems. It has become a trend that many embrace as effective or roll their eyes. I swear if I have to sit through one more Zoom meeting where we have to meditate with a bunch of strangers through a screen…. TheContinue reading “Mindfulness Won’t Cure Racism”