Activism 101: What is Activism?

What is activism? It gets a bad rap these days. When many people think of activism, they imagine protestors in the streets rioting. Many people are hesitant to label themselves as activists because they feel like they aren’t doing enough.  For a long time I was this way. I didn’t think I could call myselfContinue reading “Activism 101: What is Activism?”

Shadow Work: How to Incorporate as a Feminist

As first posted on If you have seen those trendy Tik Toks about spirituality, you have probably seen someone talk about shadow work. I remember the first time I’d heard someone talk about shadow work. I thought, “That sounds weird, no thank you.” Shadow work is now an integral part of my self-care, and it has definitelyContinue reading “Shadow Work: How to Incorporate as a Feminist”

Activism 101: Privilege

Hi! Let’s talk about an icky topic no one likes to talk about when being an activist:  P R I V I L E G E The conversation about privilege is easier to have when you feel like you are the one who doesn’t hold it. No one wants to be accused of getting goodContinue reading “Activism 101: Privilege”

Activism 101: Anger

Have you ever seen the movie Inside Out? The one with the animated emotions? You may have forgotten about the Anger character, unless you remember him on fire from the trailer (literally fired up). Anger is usually conflated with fire and it’s destructive nature. How many times have you said when you were angry “Burn itContinue reading “Activism 101: Anger”