Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go by Linda Lee Blakemore

Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting go by Linda Lee Blakemore My rating: 4 of 5 stars Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding on and Letting Go is the story of one woman’s journey through a turbulent relationship. The author, Linda Blakemore, graciously reached out to me and offered her book for me toContinue reading “Entrenched: A Memoir of Holding On and Letting Go by Linda Lee Blakemore”

Anticipated books for February 2023

It’s Love Month! It’s Black History Month! It’s a good month to add books to your TBR! Here are some books I’m excited to see for February! Hijab Butch Blues: A Memoir by Lamya H Release Date: Feb. 7 LGBTQ+ memoir Healing Justice Lineages: Dreaming at the Crossroads of Liberation, Collective Care, and Safety byContinue reading “Anticipated books for February 2023”

Making A Scene: A Book Review

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Making A Scene by Constance Wu is a memoir that showed what it means to fight to be seen in a world that renders you invisible. I don’t mean this in the sense that Constance Wu is seeking attention, and this is why she became an actress. What I got fromContinue reading “Making A Scene: A Book Review”

Anticipated books for January 2023

Happy New Year! I have seen so many challenges on Instagram, from #20BooksWrittenByBlackFolx to #ReadWhatYouOwn. I’m ready to read more books this year, and I have so many to add to my TBR. Do y’all ever get sad that there are so many good books in the world, and we won’t ever have enough timeContinue reading “Anticipated books for January 2023”

Book Review: Crying in H Mart

As first posted on feministbookclub.com If you have unresolved mommy issues, I would not suggest you to read Crying in H Mart by Michelle Zauner. If you haven’t self-diagnosed yourself with said issues, then I highly recommend you read this! Crying in H Mart is a memoir outlining Zauner’s relationship with her mother, before, during, and after she diesContinue reading “Book Review: Crying in H Mart”