We Are All So Good At Smiling: Book Review

We Are All So Good At Smiling by Ambre McBride was such a short but powerful read. Content warning: suicide, mental health, grief. Whimsy is a hoodoo witch coping with so much grief and sorrow in her life. She relies on her magic and fairy tales to get her through. We open the novel withContinue reading “We Are All So Good At Smiling: Book Review”

Poems by olu_andria

POEM 1 Little stars;Find me in the dark,Admits the hedgerow.While I await the priceless glow,That comes from your embrace some nights. POEM 2 All I ever want is to be unconfined;From the hurdles of life.Living life with ampleness,And basking in delight to see the next sunlight,All I ever want is to be free. POEM 3Continue reading “Poems by olu_andria”

Poetry: The story behind my scars

by olu_andria In the past,For days and nights.My bed was like a soaked sweater.I had no one to turn to;My whole world was shattered,Because I was once battered .And it never mattered. In the past,for days and nights.My bed was my only companion ,The pains I felt were much.Even Acetaminophen could not help.All I couldContinue reading “Poetry: The story behind my scars”

Book Review – Home.Girl.Hood.

As first posted on feministbookclub.com Home.Girl.Hood. by Ebony Stewart is probably the most exceptional feminist collection of poetry that I have ever read.  This is a collection for every Black girl who has problems with feeling like enough. Enough Black. Enough smart. Enough strength. Enough woman.  This collection is for every Black girl who wants to beContinue reading “Book Review – Home.Girl.Hood.”