Love Radio: Book Review

It’s something about Black people and 90s pop culture that just feels so right. 90s pop culture set the stage right up front in this nostalgic YA romance. We love the 90s movie and music references! Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle really delivered. Dani and Prince have a lot on their young shoulders, and neitherContinue reading “Love Radio: Book Review”

Must Love Books: Book Review

Must Love Books by Shauna Robinson My rating: 3 of 5 stars This book is perfect for the quarter life crisis. Nora thinks publishing is her dream job is working in publishing, but she feels stagnant and unfulfilled. When she meets Andrew Santos, She starts questioning her happiness level and if publishing is really whereContinue reading “Must Love Books: Book Review”

Interracial Relationships in Books

As first posted on Talia Hibbert writes amazing romance novels. Every time I read one, I am left feeling flushed. They have everything I need in a romance novel. Black women trying to figure out the world. Beautiful men. And very sexy scenes. But there is something seriously lacking for me: the nuance aroundContinue reading “Interracial Relationships in Books”

Our Problematic Faves: Another Side to Romantic Tropes

Romance is my guilty pleasure. I’m a hopeless romantic and I love love. The tropes and formulas are so predictable, but they are addicting and keep us coming back for more. We all know the plotlines and have our favorites. From enemies-to-lovers, to the fake relationship, no matter the story, these tropes lie at the heart ofContinue reading “Our Problematic Faves: Another Side to Romantic Tropes”