Afro-Bougie Blues by Lauren Wilson: Book Review

Afro-Bougie Blues by Lauren Wilson: Book Review

Potentially Sensitive Topics: Abortion, Alcoholism, Domestic Violence, Mental Health

This short story collection was a quick and fun read that explored the lives of everyday Black folks. One thing I love about us as Black folk is that we find new and creative ways to be our authentic selves every day. We are culture creators and shapers!

AFRO-BOUGIE BLUES encapsulates that: how we come together to find community despite adversity, how we live fulfilling and meaningful lives despite systems being stacked against us, and how we love deeply through it all. This collection explores hurt and joy and sorrow and intimacy. Because the best stories really explore what it means to be human, the wonderful and the mundane.

I really enjoyed this collection! Sometimes it didn't feel as contemporary for it being released this year, but that didn't take away from the experience, as many of the feelings the characters have are timeless.


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