A framework. A workshop. A strategy.

StoryJustice is the framework in which writers, creatives, and social entrepreneurs can harness their passion for storytelling to engage in grassroots organizing.

I am studying this developing concept through my writing, working with other writers from oppressed identities, and community organizing work through the lens of books and storytelling.

Storytelling has the capacity to inspire, inform, and ignite conversations on social justice issues and community-level work. Your story has the power to mobilize people and give them the permission to share their own stories.

Story-based strategy is a participatory approach that links movement building with an analysis of narrative power and places storytelling at the center of social change. StoryJustice takes this framework and intersects it with artistic expression.

There are 5 Main Components of StoryJustice

  1. Understanding the Past
  2. Imagination
  3. Building Relationships
  4. Radical Vulnerability
  5. Awareness to Action

More resources to come. To request a StoryJustice workshop for your group, email


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