Must Love Books: Book Review

Must Love Books: Book Review

Must Love BooksMust Love Books by Shauna Robinson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is perfect for the quarter life crisis. Nora thinks publishing is her dream job is working in publishing, but she feels stagnant and unfulfilled. When she meets Andrew Santos, She starts questioning her happiness level and if publishing is really where she belongs.

Filled with classic romance novel antics, somehow this didn’t feel like a romance novel. Of course, there was love in this story, but the focus wasn’t on the romance. I liked this aspect because it showed that someone’s happiness doesn't have to depend on another person and that Nora had to figure out what she needed in order to feel fulfilled because she knew that another person could not cause her happiness but add to it. It would have been nice to have some spicier and swoon-worthy love scenes, though.

I think I liked the book because I could see myself if Nora. She felt so unsure of herself and doubted so much of her abilities. She spent so much of her time trying to figure out who she was. While she loved books, she had to rediscover why and what place they held in her life.

I loved all the references to Black classics, a nod to her multiracial heritage. I always love seeing representation of Black books in other books; it really shows the intentionality of showcasing these books.

Overall, I enjoyed really connecting to the story of trying to find yourself. If we have to spend so much of our time working a job, we might as well find meaning in it. This is for anyone who must love books.

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