The Hookup Plan: Book Review

The Hookup Plan: Book Review

I don’t think there is anyone from my high school life I would find myself randomly hooking up with in the near future (and definitely not one that turned out to be a millionaire). How on earth did London Kelley find herself hooking up with her high school arch nemesis, Drew Sullivan.

As far as romances go, The Hookup Plan wasn’t the cutest or spiciest for me. Drew and London just didn’t give me butterflies. And I felt kind of cheated with the spicy scenes. They had so much potential, but they left much to be desired and nothing substantial for the imagination. I figured I came in the middle of series, but I don’t think I am invested enough to go back and read the others. Unless it was about London’s mom, because she was interesting.

But my judgements about the romance elements aside, I did enjoy the commentary about familial relationships. There were so many dynamics to explore: London’s mom and stepmom being friends, the relationship with her father, London as such an older sibling, Drew and feeling like he missed out on his mom’s final days. I also enjoyed the friendship between London and her friends as well.

I also appreciated the separate storylines of London and Drew saving the world in their own ways, London as a doctor, and Drew as someone who puts his money where his heart is. Needless to say, I enjoyed the subplots way more than the romance itself, but that was disappointing because this is supposed to be the main plot. The side dishes were not enough to carry the main course.

Overall, I would NOT not recommend this book to readers. If you are a habitual romance reader, it’s not the worst, but it didn’t stir me as other romances have in the past.

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