The Worms that Saved the World: Book Review

The Worms that Saved the World: Book Review

One thing about me, I will read any book for any age! And I'm the auntie that will give all the kids in her life books to read

The Worms that Saved the World

So when the author of this book reached out to me and gave me a social justice book for children, I knew I would have a good one to recommend to the babes!

The Worms that Saved the World by Kevin Doyle and Spark Deeley is a digestible story of how if little ones band together, they are able to take down impossible barriers.

Headland is turned into a golf course, and the very way of life the worms and their friends know is changed. No one cared about the worms. All the people cared about were their profits.

This book teaches the very basics of organizing and the importance of working together, even for the "small" battles. It gives me hope to know how we can save the world, even if we start with our own communities. Together, we can do anything!

Trying to raise an activist baby? Whether they're your own or in your village, you should get them this book!


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