Velvet Evenings: A Poetry Collection by Anjali Soi (Book Review)

Velvet Evenings: A Poetry Collection by Anjali Soi (Book Review)

Reading Velvet Evenings is like being in an Evanescence music video. It makes me feel like being in a beautiful forest dressed like a princess, but there are dangers lurking in the shadows. I can appreciate the beauty I’m surrounded by, but I acknowledge my real fears based on how those dangers have hurt me. 

This collection addresses love and loss and having compassion for yourself. I really connected to the poems. The wordplay was fun, and I loved all of the alliteration and feel of the word choices. I flew through the poems but also feel I will return to them. It is apparent Soi put a lot of care and attention into these poems.

I recommend this to all readers with a deep appreciation for poetry.



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