Poems by olu_andria

Poems by olu_andria


Little stars;
Find me in the dark,
Admits the hedgerow.
While I await the priceless glow,
That comes from your embrace some nights.


All I ever want is to be unconfined;
From the hurdles of life.
Living life with ampleness,
And basking in delight to see the next sunlight,
All I ever want is to be free.


Your smile is everything.
You show me that smiling shouldn't be a destitute,
In my living.
Take my hands and never let go.
Because in you, i find hope;
Hope to life,
And hope to love.

Adenowo Oluwapelumi also known as olu_andria is an award winning spoken word artist, She is a final year medical student. She is multitalented and loves to contribute her quota to humanity and is super determined to make it long-lasting.

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