Poetry: The story behind my scars

by olu_andria

In the past,
For days and nights.
My bed was like a soaked sweater.
I had no one to turn to;
My whole world was shattered,
Because I was once battered .
And it never mattered.

In the past,
for days and nights.
My bed was my only companion ,
The pains I felt were much.
Even Acetaminophen could not help.
All I could do then was yell,
Because no one cared.

In the past,
For days and nights.
My bed was used to my sadness;
I was already a weak vessel
Seeking for a nestle .

I became so addled;
As to why I crumbled.

In the past,
For days and nights.
My bed would have thought I'd die of tears;
For I was always in despair ,
Indeed, I was full of fears.
Till I met my companion;
The Saviour, our Lord
He promised to see to my scars,
And mend my broken heart.
Alas! The scars are fading.
My bed in past days and nights,
Wouldn't have believed I would smile, eventually.

Adenowo Oluwapelumi also known as olu_andria is an award winning spoken word artist, She is a final year medical student. She is multitalented and loves to contribute her quota to humanity and is super determined to make it long-lasting.


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