The Vessel of Me- An Interview with KB Brookins

The Vessel of Me- An Interview with KB Brookins

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For the first episode on the Liberation is Lit podcast, we are meeting with the ever so talented KB Brookins, a self-described “Black trans dreamboat”. KB is an activist, poet, author, and dedicated to making an impact in all communities where they are invited. From understanding the true definition of blackness and transness to being politely annoying in an effort to promote change in their city of Austin, Texas, we covered some amazing topics in this conversation. Here are the takeaways to give you a peek at what we covered.

The Inspiration to Become a Writer

KB was introduced to the world of poetry in an afterschool program with some friends and almost unintentionally discovered that writing was a great outlet for them. Since then, KB has found ways to express togetherness through writing and connecting with an audience. 

Establishing a Poet Laureate in Austin

Another exciting moment in KB’s career thus far is being responsible for starting up a Poet Laureate in Austin, Texas. For those of you who don’t know, a poet laureate is “a poet given a special position by the government, or an organization who is asked to write poems about important public occasions” which is important for a city like Austin based on their amazing history in the world of arts and entertainment. 

How to Become and Remain an Activist

Here KB establishes their experience with being an activist. Based on the events of today’s world, now is not the time to be silent. If ever invited to events, KB has made it clear the topics of conversation may push you to think about yourself and actions towards different marginalized communities. From scheduling emails to city councilman and congressional seat holders to attending public events within the community, KB practically provides a blueprint for anyone who is interested in becoming an activist. Making effective change doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen when all of us are working towards a common goal!

Discussion of “Freedom House” and “Pretty”

Are you searching for reading material? You know we got you! Freedom House is currently out and is a collection of poetry written by KB who has expressed that this book is a metaphor for freedom being a house or a home for you to reside in. Pretty is a work of creative nonfiction that highlights the more relatable moments in their life. This is different than an autobiography because it is meant to resonate with everyone regardless of where they might be in their life - there is something you’ll be able to pick up from reading it. You can order Freedom House now and pre-order Pretty using this link here!

We were so happy to hear from KB and cannot wait to read Pretty once it is released! You can listen to the full episode by clicking on the links below!

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@earthtokb on Instagram, Twitter (X), TikTok

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