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COMING HOME by Sawyer Cole

COMING HOME by Sawyer Cole

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COMING HOME by Sawyer Cole

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"Coming from a small, rural town in North Carolina, Sawyer grapples with what it means to grow up queer, where the population of queer people was, to the untrained eye, non-existent. Nuanced with the societal constructs of the gender binary, they deconstruct what it means to be queer in an evangelical Southern family. From growing up being a family proclaimed ""tomboy,"" to joining the Army under Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Sawyer brings you a collection of essays detailing everything from coming out, to family life to church hurt and everything in between.

Candid, honest, insightful, and sometimes breathtakingly haunting, Coming Home is all about finding your queer voice in a heteronormative world. With an honest zeal for life, this set of essays will show you what it truly means to come home."

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