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THIEVES' PARADISE by Eric Jerome Dickey

THIEVES' PARADISE by Eric Jerome Dickey

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THIEVES' PARADISE by Eric Jerome Dickey

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New York Times bestselling author Eric Jerome Dickey presents a powerful novel about grifters and con artists, brothers and sisters, looking for love and making ends meet—on the wrong side of the law....

Dante black did his stretch of hard time in juvenile jail. Now he's out...and down. Facing a mountain of unpaid bills, a car on its last legs, and imminent eviction, he doesn't stand a chance with Pam, a sexy waitress/actress on the hunt for a man with means. Enter Scamz, a slick brother from Dante's past cruising L.A. in custom-tailored suits and a Benz CL600. He's got a job that'll put Dante back on top—especially with Pam. Seduced by easy money, she's finding Dante suddenly irresistible. But then the perfect sting goes horribly wrong, and a dangerous game is just beginning.

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